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Default Re: The shurkin challenge.

And the answer is 200 mph lol

Yep, the only use of the Lt. chassis is for racing. It's really great on racing vehicles - saves a lot of money because they're all CA frames.

All I'm gonna say is it's called Car Wars, you forgot to add guns ;)

I could totally see this as a TV show in the CW universe - to pimp out lame designs.

Candidates for future shows - the Joseph Special, the Killer Kart (obviously), and the Hotshot.

[QUOTE=swordtart;2328301]Track Shiruken by Swordtart:

Cost: $33,945, Wgt: 4,950,
HC: 3 (4), Top Speed: 200, Accel: 25.

Juris entry prompted the question how fast can a Shiruken go. QUOTE]
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