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Default Re: The shurkin challenge.

Track Shiruken by Swordtart:
Luxury; Streamlining; Light chassis; Light suspension;
500 cid Engine w/VP Turbo, Super Charger;
19 gal. Racing tank;
4 Hvy Duty Slick tires.
Fire Extinguisher;
Safety Seat;
HD Shocks, HD Brakes, ABS;
Spoiler; Airdam.
60 pts. Plastic (F: 10 R: 10 L: 10 B: 10 T: 10 U: 10);
1x9 pt., 2 spc. FP CA (Driver).
Cost: $33,945, Wgt: 4,950,
HC: 3 (4), Top Speed: 200, Accel: 25.

Juris entry prompted the question how fast can a Shiruken go. Actually pretty fast and with a 0-60 time of 4 seconds (which is pretty nippy for a non-racing frame). You probably want a forgiving track as the handling is only adequate (but we have fitted as much safety equipment as possible to keep you alive). Even so I wouldn't want to go faster than 200 on even an un-congested track and racing is going to be... challenging.

The MG was stripped for this version and it is therefore only for racing. With only 10 layers of armour, you are going to want to focus all your efforts on not crashing rather than trying to shoot anyone.
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