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Default Re: The shurkin challenge.

I'd say streamlining was mostly how you applied your armour contour and style the coachwork (i.e. the frame). You loose some space from the vehicle but that is not in width or length, probably just making it less like a Volvo (boxy but good!).

The rules say "chassis and suspension cannot be changed from their original design". You are not changing those two components by implementing streamlining. The only other component that has to be original equipment is the Roll Cage. As such I'd say it is a legit aftermarket mod (but it would need an entire new armour shell if you were to retrofit it (which is generally the cheapest way anyway).

I am not sure how much sense any of this makes though as you can't change your suspension, but you can fit Active Suspension. You can fit a sun roof or turret (either of which would place very different load on your frame). I don't think a CA Frame must be original equipment (but it would make the maths rather hard since the chassis and suspension cost are determined after CA Frame is taken into account. Surely shock absorbers are part of the suspension, but HD shocks can be after market.
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