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We have quite a few actually:
1. Cheat cards may be shifted between your various cards, unless you are in combat, dead, or something is effecting the card cheat is currently being played on (this includes theft). For example: You cannot remove cheat from the headgear you are wearing if you are cursed to lose your headgear. Cheat is going bye-bye. This rule came about based on our group's propensity to cheat to use something race or class specific and immediately become that race or class.
2. We start with 4 cards of each deck, not 2.
3. When you die, you are dead until you draw your cards to begin your turn. You cannot help anyone, you cannot gain treasure, you cannot loot another Munchkin's body when they die, Divine Intervention does not give you a level (although we have recently allow it to "resurrect" clerics, without giving the level), etc.
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