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Default Two Player Rules

Yesterday I had a friend over and we played a few games of Munchkin. We only had two people though, so for one of the games we tried out some rules that I had come up for, for when playing with only two people:

Basically, each person plays as two people (referred to herein as "characters"), with seperate levels, items, powers, races, classes, and hands of cards (etc.); Play alternates so that player 1 plays as their first character, than player two as THEIR first character, than player 1's second character, then player 2's second character. Additionally you are only allowed to play cards on or trade items with (etc.) the other player's characters, not between your own characters; the exceptions being that the "Charity" phase of the game works normally, so if one of your characters is the lowest level character, you may wind up transferring cards to that hand at the end of your other character's turn, furthermore, each character counts as a seperate player for the purposes of most card effects (generally of of the type where you swap races and/or classes and/or powers to the person to your left or right, and for effects that affect all players, and so on) with the exception of cards where the "person to your left" or "person to your right", or whatever, chooses a card and/or item for you to lose, that is always the actual other player. Additionally, things that affect the "person to your left (or right)" use those directions even though play moves in an N shape
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