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Default Re: GURPS DF / DFRPG Random Dungeon Generator

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
Code from
"Description": "Giant Spider, huge",
"Class": "Giant Animal",
"SM": 0,
"Subclass": "Spider. Poison",
"Environment": "",
"OR": 46,
"PR": 7,
"CER": 53,
"Source1": "",
"Page1": null,
"Source2": "Dungeon Fantasy RPG Monsters",
"Page2": 31,
"Weight": 1
I've bolded and underlined where it very clearly shows CER 53. It lists SM 0, but that's Size Modifier. SM0 is human sized, SM1 is roughly bear sided.
Awesome, thanks. Itís not in the CSV file. Iím fine with mining that data from the JS file.
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