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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

Originally Posted by Beoferret View Post
A second GURPS project for Kickstarter..... Another boxed set? Or some other equally interesting fun thing?
I have no inside information, but seeing as Kromm hasn't been visibly killing himself with a project he can't talk about, I suspect a new box set isn't in the works right now. There are, I think, some more likely possibilities. Girl Genius has been kicking around for a while, as has Vehicle Design. Either of those seems like a plausible candidate for a Kickstarter, particularly the former, which seems like a natural candidate for release in a well-illustrated hardcover, which means in turn costs which they'd really like to be sure they can cover. Kickstarter looks like a suitable mechanism for that.

Or, of course, it could be something completely different.
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