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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Dakka Golem:
Essentially a normal-sized (SM -3?) repeating crossbow on legs with arms that let it operate itself. They're small, but surprizingly strong and usually found in numbers and in hard to reach locations. They're made of wood, and thus homogenous, but flamable. If the correct parts are broken, you can get a crossbow with cornecopia on its magazine, but if you break the wrong parts, its kindling.
I had a few of these in my game. They were large, siege crossbows though, on four jointed, brass, kinda insect-like legs. Freaked the heck out of my players.

I just called them Arbalestiers (an arbalest is a kind of crossbow).

Crystaline grue
This mold (per DFM2) looks like clusters of white quartzite crystals growing in the cracks of flagstones and furniture, in the tooth- and eye-sockets of corpses, and other creepy places. If disturbed it emits an unearthly crystal chime that deafens, causes headaches, and attracts Elder Things (treat the grue as if it's a Mentalist using psionic powers to make the annoying noise).
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