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Default FAQ: How do I change my username or get a custom title?

How do I change my username?

You can't do it yourself. But if you really hate your existing username and must have it changed, please start a new thread right in this forum, asking one of the forum admins to do it.

Please note that this is not going to happen right away. Only the admins can make this change; the "mere moderators" cannot. So that's only a few people, and they happen to be the ones busiest making sure the forums run properly. Name changes must, by definition, be a low-priority task. Give it at least a week before bumping the request.

Once your name is changed, we ask that you leave a note like "The user formerly known as <username>" in your signature for at least a month or two, to avoid any confusion.

How do I get one of those custom titles underneath my username?

1. If you are one of our Men in Black, we'd love to give you a "MIB" title -- just ask.

2. If you have written articles for Pyramid, we'd love to give you a "Pyramid Contributor" title -- just ask. (Unless you're also a MIB, because then you already have a custom title as explained above.)

Otherwise, these titles are only given at the whim of the moderators, and never upon request! One day, you wake up and find that you have been labeled. How did you get it? Why did you get it? In some cases, it's obvious -- in others, mysterious. (However, if you dislike the new title, just post here asking to remove it, and an admin will do so as soon as he or she has a chance to. No, we won't replace it with the one you want -- we'll just take the existing one away.)

Please note that "Banned" and "On Notice" are not custom titles -- they're flags that show up when you break the forums rules. You can't request that those be removed! (But, with the exception of permanent bans, they will eventually go away on their own.)
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