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Default Re: X-Files level characters

I don't agree with your calibration, but I think it's ok to disagree.

I think Seals in Vietnam is another instance of post-Basic Set inflation in point totals and skill levels. The Basic Set puts Navy Seals and world class scientists at 100-200 points and ordinary cops at 50-75 points, with seasoned cops and star athletes in between at 75-100 points. I think those are good guidelines, and I'd go by them.

So, 75 or maybe 100 points for most FBI agents and 150 points for the PCs. And yes, a 150-point character can easily be a former special operator or star athlete (like Johnny Utah in Point Break), emphasis on former. It's perfectly reasonable for physical attributes, advantages and skills to have degraded by about a level since your active days, which is easily good for a 30-50-point savings.
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