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Default Re: Four Perilous Journeys: Four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Of course, I know some folks are waiting to see what nifty extras are in for the stretch goals, but if the project doesn't fund, any number of add-ons or stretch goals are irrelevant!
Honestly, 'sxtras' aren't much of a factor in my own hesitation. If the primary offering interests me enough to follow it in the first place, then my only hesitation is over money — whether I can afford it at all, or (in this case) which level to choose. I know I want Four Perilous Journeys; I just don't know if I want to pay X for Aether or 2.5X for Dead Trees.

But I do want it in some form, and Funding is a prerequisite for either, so I just went ahead and pledged for Aether — and I suppose I can always upgrade to Dead Trees later, if I happen to scrape another 1.5X out of the sofa cushions. :)
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