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Default Re: Four Perilous Journeys: Four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by malchidael View Post
I actually waffled a bit on this kickstarter, because, sadly, I haven't actually played TFT since I got my Legacy box (not even solo). Combination of no time and no group to inspire me to play.

But, I'm in for print, so hopefully, we make it!
I appreciate it!

There are quite a few folks 'on the fence,' or as I like to call it: Latent Demand.

364 people are following the campaign but have not (yet) backed. Given the average pledge level, that's a 'latent' $15,000, which would of course take us to just over $28,000 and over 650 backers, which would make it my strongest KS to date.

I still think there's room for even more: there were 3,300 original backers for TFT, and 1,300 folks went in for TFT Adventures. That leaves 2,000 people clearly lacking in adventure material. ;-)

The biggest thing folks can help me with now is getting the word out. Nice things said on Twitter, Facebook, and the various RPG sites by *not the author* go a ridiculously long way in getting attention to the project.

Of course, I know some folks are waiting to see what nifty extras are in for the stretch goals, but if the project doesn't fund, any number of add-ons or stretch goals are irrelevant!

Thanks for your support! I look forward to sharing previews and updates with folks as progress is made.
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