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Default Re: TFT Status Report from BGG

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
Solo adventures are on the wish list.
Hopefully more than a wish list... I hope programmed adventures are in the works.

I find it hard to believe that programmed adventures don't have a lot of support--if anything, I'd think they're at or near the top of desired products from TFT fans. As I've pointed out in the past: the success of Kickstarters such as Gloomhaven, 7th Continent and Kingdom Death: Monster would indicate a large market for quality programmed adventure games. I also think programmed adventures (perhaps in conjunction with an app that GM's it and controls enemy AI) would help differentiate and strengthen the TFT product line. I'm guessing the microquests were the main style of play for many TFT players in the past. I'm curious if there are any solid stats/data re: this.
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