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Originally Posted by Scintillant View Post
I totally agree with all of these points (especially the one about efficient use of ST). Plus, here's an interesting RAW that makes Illusion virtually game-breaking (ITL, page 139):
Illusions or images of walls, fire, or shadow can be created. Illusions work just like the real thing until disbelieved or destroyed by a spell... An illusion of a Rope spell can be created as above.
So, it is entirely consistent with RAW that even the basic (1-hex) Illusion can also duplicate Giant Rope for 2 ST. How's the for useful (or abusive...). Plus, who would think to disbelieve a Rope / Giant Rope spell straight off? Sure, they may as well try once their DX is reduced to a useless level, but that buys you at least a couple of turns of inactivity on their part (and more for the low-IQ types, or for animals).

Nice tip about illusion being rope and giant rope!

Still real rope spell has uses against animals (they get a free disbelief that sometimes gets lucky ITL 138) or creatures that cannot perceive illusions (eg. zombies and those bug people that are no longer in the game... if memory serves me).

But yes we are in agreement: illusion has many uses and is cheap to cast. You just need to get other spells to cover whatever illusion cannot handle. ;-)
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