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Default Re: Cracking water in TRAVELLER

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Water is a pretty good one though. Technically you can beat it, but your choices are liquid ammonia or diborane - both of which are somewhat toxic cryogenic liquids, or beryllium hydride or ammonia borane (NH3BH3) which are toxic solids.
Thanks - I would never have been able to even think of search words to use. I'm guessing that at the very least, water is probably best due to its dual use potential.

Since 2/3rds of a dTon of water has the equivalent of 1 dTon of Hydrogen fuel when liquefied - having extra fuel in the form of water is the likely way to go. It can be used as plain ordinary water, or it can be used as reserve fuel. I think this "tidbit" deserves to get its own mention in later future games for Traveller.

I have to confess, tackling Traveller in the early years (Milieu Zero) is challenging me to think outside the box in so many different things. One of the things I have to give serious thought to is this:

When Marc Miller wrote his material contained within T5, the idea for what worlds have what nobility was essentially a "snapshot" of what that world should be at that given point in time. My question is "What should it look like as time progresses? In other words, in the year 1105, it might look like X, but in the 1000, it looked like W instead. What is that "W" that it should look like.

Either way, knowing that water provides just a smidgen more hydrogen fuel than 1:1 is useful.

Ammonia MIGHT be the other alternative route to go - in that if the Liquid Hydrogen is Cryogenic in nature, it (the tanks) should also be able to handle the Ammonia. By chance, would you know how much liquid Hydrogen one can obtain from Liquid Ammonia? If not, no biggie. If yes - well, might be interesting!

As it is, I now have a couple more "engineering descriptions" to use in game play...

Piping that has warning labels on them for both Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold would be the norm. Heat for the fusion power plant, and cold for the fuel tanks for the jump drive. Just placing your hand over an exposed pipe could be bad.
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