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Default Re: Phasing for falling down/standing up

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
I have been waffling on whether to change that "next turn" to "next attack." Anyone else already playing it as next attack" ?
Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
I would prefer 'next attack' to the current rules.

(Of course I prefer the rest of this turn and all of the next... that is why it works that way in my campaign.)
I agree with Rick. We always ignored that it said literally "next turn" and figured it must mean "next action". It didn't make sense to us that if you hit someone for 8, they're down, but if you hit someone for 5-7, they have a penalty on their next attack IF they are faster than you, but if they are slower than you, their next attack on you is at full DX, but will next turn be at -2 DX.

(For us, not seeming to make sense was always taken as grounds for "the rule must be wrong" and changing it.)
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