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Default Re: Life of a Weirdness Magnet

It's essential to keep a very open mind about what all traits represent. Is high ST slabs of muscle on a chiseled frame, sheer bulk and the brains to throw it around effectively, or an iron will to push the body hard when dishing out and receiving punishment? Is a skill something taught and learned, or natural talent for a narrow task? Is Weirdness Magnet an inborn destiny, a self-inflicted curse, a "wound" left by an external event, or even a challenge willingly accepted from a patron deity? Such decisions make two characters who are close on paper – a common result of working from templates – totally different people.

The DFRPG intentionally discards the somewhat simulationist, realism-oriented bias of its parent system. The box on p. 8 is a big hint: You can have whatever age, height, weight, and sex you want, and it has no effect at all on any of your abilities. Your 4'11", 70-year-old granny can be a tough-as-nails barbarian woman with ST 17. Heck, you can have shocking-pink hair and eyes with no whites, like someone straight outta anime. This is kitchen-sink adventure fantasy . . . go wild!
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