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Default Re: Survey: Top Priorities for Ogre VG Improvement

Update 1.5.14
  • Multiplayer network fix - this should fix a number of issues related to quitting and re-entering MP games, and dealing with spikes and/or drops in connectivity.
  • Ogre should be able to spend 1M and ram the infantry it's already on. Previously, the game would not let you ram a hex if there was more than 1 enemy unit on it.
  • Fixed some terrain rules related with water and bridges - units moving under a bridge now STAY under the bridge (cannot move under a bridge and then on to land in the same move). Water and Bridges no longer provide the same bonus within one movement phase, and being on a bridge now only applies the movement bonus to the roads coming off either side of it. Moving onto a bridge hex from either side, rather than the connected edge, means the unit is still in water.
  • Pathfinding / movement path issue where clicking a destination hex, cancelling, and then deciding to move to this hex, would result in a single-click moving the unit, rather than double-clicking as it should be, is now fixed.
  • As per a request, we've moved the Version Number from the bottom left of the Home screen (behind the Logging In overlay) to the bottom right of the same screen, so it should always be immediately visible.

An absolutely MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, suggestions, logs, screenshots etc. to help us track down these issues and those that have been fixed up to this point, some of which have been very tricky to replicate and track down.

We appreciate it all :)

There are a few known issues which we'll continue to work on fixing, and of course, if you find any yourself, let us know by the usual channels.

Thanks again!
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