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Default Re: Survey: Top Priorities for Ogre VG Improvement

Looking back I see I played 26 hours of the new video game and the last time I played was in December. Why did I stop playing? There way nothing left to play. I finished the Nightfall campaign and then... nothing.

My all time favorite scenario, Raid, is not available. My second all time favorite scenario, Great Patriotic War ( is not possible. The multi-player doesn't have any games I want to play, mostly Ogre scenarios (least favorite) and the fan created scenarios are all variations of Ceasefire Collapse.

So my asks would be:

1. Fix the map and scenario creator and let me have reinforcements, command posts, victory conditions, turn limits, etc..

2. Fix the multi-player. Remote turn by turn or live play. Let me talk and communicate with my opponent (I had some amazing Cyberboard GEV games in the past and the chat feature was a big part of it).

3. Fix the bugs and bring on the LGEVs.

Thanks for asking.


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