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Default Re: Survey: Top Priorities for Ogre VG Improvement

I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon here.

#1: Fix the basic Ogre game bugs: Mk III Attack, Mk V Attack, and Mk III Defense should be 100% rules-perfect and as close to 100% operable online as possible.

#2: Fix the G.E.V. map bugs: All units should be interacting with terrain properly and all scenarios should be 100% rules-perfect.

#3: Expand to the full game: All units and scenarios from the board game should be available and working, and players should be able to create their own games - and share them, and play them against each other - freely according to the board game guidelines.

And a caveat:

#1A: DON'T SWEAT THE AI. I know some folks would like a good robot to play against, but Ogre is a complicated game for AI. Beyond the basic Ogre scenarios, I say focus on getting PvP working first and foremost.
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