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Back in the day we added these talents to give characters a higher level of weapon skill and ability.

IQ 9
"Melee Weapon Talent" Expert (2): The ability to use these weapons in an expert fashion. This talent gives you +2 DX when attacking with these weapons. You are also proficient in using these weapons for defense, your weapon acts as a shield to stop 2 hits.
Prerequisite: Melee WEAPON TALENT.

IQ 11
"Melee Weapon Talent" Master (2): You have Mastered the ability to use these weapons. This talent gives you +2 DX (in addition to the +2 bonus from "Weapon Talent" Expert) when attacking with these weapons.This talent permits a character fighting with these weapons, on
any turn he attacks, to do any one of the following:
(a) attack twice, at normal DX for the first attack and -4 for the second one. The attacks may be against the same OR different figures.
(b) make a normal attack and parry using the weapon to stop 4 hits.
(c) when Defending, stopping 6 hits of damage in addition to the opponent rolling 4 dice when attacking.
Prerequisite: "Weapon Talent" Expert.
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