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Default Re: A question about Modular Abilities and spells

Of course, Modular Abilities are less effective when you have a Ritual Magic system. In fact, I would argue that even in a standard magic system you would be better off using the points for IQ and Magery.

For example, let us take two 500 CP mages. One has the above ability, IQ 15, and Magery 3, for a total of 385 CP. The other has IQ 20, Magery 3, and 150 spells at one CP each, for a total of 385 CP. The former mage is more versatile and, as long as they meet the prerequisites, are capable of having any spell at 15 and, for simpler spells, can reach up to a 23. The latter mage is more effective though, as every spells is at a 20 or 21, and they have an IQ 20 for all of their skills and a Per 20 and a Will 20.

When it comes to Ritual Magic, the IQ 20 mage is also usually more effective than the IQ 15 mage. Since the mages are capped by their Ritual Magic and their Colleges, the IQ 15 mage have difficulty getting even the simplest rituals above 18 while the IQ 20 mage can get them to 23. The IQ 15 mage can get any spell to 15 while the IQ 20 mage can get the majority of spells above 15.
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