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Default TASER Advanced M26 stats in High-Tech

I confess that I don't quite understand the TASER M26 stats on High-Tech p. 89-90.

The M26 and X26 are both listed as having Shots 2. It is true that both weapons shoot two dart-like electrodes, but I'm not aware of there being any way to deploy them individually. Nor would there be any advantage to doing so, as the electric current is not really effective unless both electrodes attach to the target.

I also don't understand how the ammunition weight can be 0.25 lbs., but there can be "two air cartridges ($20, 0.15 lbs. each)". That doesn't seem to be physically possible. Two air cartridges that each weigh 0.15 lbs. are never going to total 0.25 lbs.

I know from the real world that a replacement cartridge for the X26P weighs 0.15 lbs. and that almost all TASER models use the same cartridges. I also know that the X26P, as with the earlier X26C (civilian) and X26E (law enforcement), are single shot weapons. That is, they shoot two electrode darts with each pull of the trigger, but must then be reloaded before they can be used again.

The two electrode darts are part of the same attack and must target the same target. I suppose we could seperate them in GURPS terms, as a RoF 1x2 attack, but then the follow-up stun affliction would only work at full power against someone who was hit by both darts.

I also know that there is a two shot version of the TASER, the X2. It uses different cartridges from the M26 and the X26. I'm not sure, but I don't think it existed when High-Tech was published.
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