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Default Re: Linear shaped charge to cut through DR 1900?

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Per B415, a 6dx6 explosion takes 6x6 / 4 = 9 lbs of TNT. Divide by the REF of your futuristic explosive. 6dx11 would be 11^2 / 4 = 30 lbs. I think the charges are smaller than your calculations suggest.

This doesn't seem far out of line, as the rounds for the 120mm tank gun on the Abrams weigh about 50 lbs, which includes the propellent and case, and not just the warhead.

A shaped charge works by focusing its energy into a small jet (often assisted by lining the explosive with a liner of metal (or techy whatever) to be vaporized and propelled. (See this pic.) The hole it makes is much smaller than the actual charge, so you couldn't tunnel through with a bunch of the same charge. They wouldn't fit into the hole. You might be able to dig a little deeper in the same hole, but my understanding is that the proper standoff distance is also important.
The multiple charge idea was aligning the second charge over the hole made by the first one. Since the rules from Basic don't really seem to apply to odd situations in terms of absolute numbers, I used them to figure out how many times bigger the charge needed to be, and then multiplied the weight per foot for the flexible linear shaped change in High Tech by that.
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