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Default Open sandbox improvisational campaign based on Jagged Alliance

Im thinking of an open sandbox improvisational campaign based on Jagged alliance that I can have as a pick up game if players turn up.

Basically every session would end with the PCs at home base and then the game world and real world would both sync in real time until we played again.

It would be an action series with the PCs the mercs available for the mission each game.

I really want to avoid anything to do with the middle East US or Chinese politics.

I'm looking at a Pacific island as a Google map. I've found one that fits geographically if not politically.

I just want to maintain my and potential players suspension of disbelief by having a zone full of mercs without world power intervention.

Maybe setting it in the 90s (or earlier) or an alternate history might help me explain away some things.

Advice and thoughts?
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