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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I'm convinced its the right value. The reason why is I did an in-depth look at whale stats a while back, and 1/10th to 1/5th of their starting HP as DR gave the right amount of resistance to death by a thousand cuts. The 1/5th I can call blubber, but if you allow damage values under 1/10th of HP to do damage, you run into all sorts of scale problems in all sorts of places, like a volley of musket fire sinking a first rate ship of the line.
It might be location-specific too, DR normally doesn't apply to eyes so that's not a problem, but maybe some areas like the face/throat/abdomen might have less than tough places like the chest or limbs?

What do we still need to decide to precede?
Hard to remember where we left off... ugh I think the last action was August 5th

You know, even though you didn't take a Wait, it kind of seems like you ought to get the "Stop Thrust" bonus to the damage of your kick based on the speed I'm traveling toward you unless I explicitly said I was deceleratig/stopping (and thus spending AP to do so) at the end of my turn.

Otherwise it could be assumed I am maintaining my momentum and there shouldn't be any reason that wouldn't amplify your kick like if you interrupted me at full-speed with a kick...

If I were to house-rule that non-Wait thrust attacks against non-stopped foes work like a "Stop Thrust" then "Holding a Foe at Bay" (MA106) should also apply....

The "win a Quick Contest of ST with you to get closer." would probably be some level of AP expenditure on both sides...

Although given Technical Grappling's "free" ST-4 resistances, it might make sense to charge 0 AP to either side if they took that -4 penalty, basically just letting their momentum/insertia (mass) do the work rather than applying effort to it.

Not that it matters here, but do you think that would be Lifting ST or Striking ST, and can you think of any skills or techniques which might sub for ST in that HAFAB contest?

In the case of a kick, if you thrust out to impact them at reach 1, I would say it would be 1 contest to close into the same hex and another contest to press past it into a rear hex. Past that though you've basically flung the kick aside so I don't think it would be of any more impeding unless a grapple was initiated.

In a way this almost seems like a non-gripping grapple of sorts.
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