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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
DR 1 is pretty hefty, if allowing to track damage in tenths (one decimal place) then DR could be fractional.

I love Cole's idea of randomized HT-based rolls to mitigate damage, but found them overly generous, so using that but MoS reduction is tenths reduced would be one way.
I'm convinced its the right value. The reason why is I did an in-depth look at whale stats a while back, and 1/10th to 1/5th of their starting HP as DR gave the right amount of resistance to death by a thousand cuts. The 1/5th I can call blubber, but if you allow damage values under 1/10th of HP to do damage, you run into all sorts of scale problems in all sorts of places, like a volley of musket fire sinking a first rate ship of the line.

Well yes, but perhaps there is some way to shift it more in the direction of Striking ST than HP*Velocity without increasing damage.
I wouldn't want to. I think the original proposal is the correct one, I just prefer to finish this fight with the current rules.


What do we still need to decide to precede?
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