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Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
So why does this spell get an instant time-savings that other spells don't? To use the result of the spell, you're going to have to draw the arrow anyway. This sounds like a time freebie, like getting a free Fast-Draw. Presumably this would typically be used in combat, so time will always be of the essence.
Well, thatís what Iím wondering. Spell Arrow isnít an option because enchantment spells arenít available yet. Theyíre possible, just not developed yet. I donít currently have Imbuements, so I canít comment on its usefulness. Currently, Iím thinking the main application would be using Archery to target a missile spell rather than using Innate Attack. Since it does allow both Ready and Concentrate maneuvers to be taken simultaneously, Iím thinking it might be an Advantage, maybe 5 points.
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