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Default Re: The 2019 Digital W23 Speculation and Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
For reference, this can refer to two items:

GURPS Template Toolkit, which has been stuck at number one for almost 5 years.
GURPS Middle Ages, which has been at number one since the Bush administration. Bush Senior administration.
Interesting, I didnt think of either of those but between the two I would say Middle Ages since Kromm wrote the Template book.
Lets see what others guess.
Sticking to something in Fourth Edition I see..
Disasters already has a second item in queu
DF Settings: Caverntown could have another DF setting, same with Fantasy Encounters
Encounters: Harrowed Hearts Club
How to be a GURPS GM had fan talk about a How to be a GURPS Player
Mysteries, I dont see it but a member of one of my gaming groups mentioned it. Same with Supers.
Supporting Cast
Template Toolkit 1: Characters as you suggested, its just would they contract it out rather than have Kromm do it?

Of these I think Aliens or DF Settings seem the most likely to me. Heck Douglas Cole is almost there already.
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