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Default Re: Knowing Your Own Strength - Tank Smasher

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
I know you aren't serious, but I suspected this was going to pop up and it's worth addressing:

This argument (the situation is fine because nobody punches a tank on top) takes the problem VERY literally and in a specific fashion that ignores the broader problem that the tank example represents.
Supers face foes that are "as tough as a tank" (or a battleship, or whatever, as appropriate). Godzilla doesn't have a heavy front plate and thin armor everywhere else. Most giant robots appearing outside giant-robot-genre stories don't have nearly enough detail in them to have armor vary by facing, although it's pretty traditional for there to be a concealed hatch that weaker members of the team can use to sneak in while the big bricks are trying to keep it occupied.
Too, heavy-hitter super villains tear into bank vaults and through various armored structures. Nobody has to build a bank vault to drive drive around in! Your classic early 20th century bank vault door is about a yard thick of steel or iron. After the depression wrapped up there were less people trying to rob banks with brute force, and modern banks have moved to steel-clad reinforced concrete because it's cheaper; faced with metahumans I suspect vault armor would have advanced along with tank armor, and a vault can afford exceedingly thick walls.

The Teikoku Bank in Hiroshima had two bank vaults built by Mosler. They survived the atomic blast intact with all contents unharmed. The US military had a Mosler built in the Nevada nuclear test site to drop test nukes on, and it survived too.

Holy krom 36 inches of steel what were bank robbers carrying in those days the uss texas?

Okay no more humour i honestly do not see a game as centred on realism as gurps is ever producing a truly satisfactory answer to this problem with out breaking something else.
battlegrounds:rpg edition. A really useful VTT system. Down load the demo at
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