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Question: Can you add more than 1 Rocket Magazine to a rocket? You have the space and budget to add another set of magazines to feed the turret, I assume this isn't allowed as this would mean a magazine could be more than 3 spaces (there is no space/cost/weight difference between 1 x 3 space magazing and 3 x 1 space magazines and therefore between 2 x 2 space magazines and 1 x 4 space magazine).
I don't see why REMs can't be stacked "indefinitely" (modulo 1/3-spaces rule) same as regular EMs. Might get a little difficult if one also wants a Rotary Mag for fire-selection. But this gets into the whole "rules editing" issue, which isn't what this thread is for.

As to adventure designs being less-than-optimal... here's what I was able to do with the _Guardian_ from _Midwest Passage_ in _ADQ 4/1_:

Luxury Version:

Lux.; XH chas.; Hv. susp.; Su. PP [2,600 PF]; 4x Sol. tire; Driver, Gunner. 2-sp. Univ. Tu.; VMG [Tu.]; AC [F]; HDSS [B]; IFE; Cargo [usu. 1x Pas.]; LD Radio; 2x TC. Armor [FP]: F, B, L, R, T: 25; U: 10. $29,250; 6,600 lbs. Acc.: 5; TS: 102.5; HC: 3.

Wagon Version:

Wagon; XH chas.; Hv. susp.; Su. PP [2,600 PF]; 4x Sol. tire; Driver. 2-sp. Univ. Tu.; VMG [Tu.]; HDSS [B]; IFE; IRSS; Cargo [usu. 2x Del. Pas.; incl. Sleep. Area]. Armor [FP]: F: 40; L, R, T: 30; B: 25 U: 20. $25,400; 6,600 lbs. Acc.: 5; TS: 102.5; HC: 3.

The Lux isn't much of an improvement over the Van (I think the AC is too much), but the Wagon is decidedly more survivable. I wonder if that's why the scenario designers never used Wagons....
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