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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

I just checked and the "Vanbuscade" had about 100 more points of armour and Plasticore tires. I also used laser guided HR rockets instead of WGM and it came in at half the price.

By pre-firing the laser you can get +2 sustained before you even start using the HR battery. You can now also afford a HRSWC for another +2. This means you are better off out to 20 (and they will be on you by around the 4th and final volley). With such limited ammo reserves you probably don't want to start firing much further out than that.

Question: Can you add more than 1 Rocket Magazine to a rocket? You have the space and budget to add another set of magazines to feed the turret, I assume this isn't allowed as this would mean a magazine could be more than 3 spaces (there is no space/cost/weight difference between 1 x 3 space magazing and 3 x 1 space magazines and therefore between 2 x 2 space magazines and 1 x 4 space magazine).

Now with added stats for the vehicles (since that is rather the point of the thread)

Vanbuscade: WGM Version
Car Trailer 15' Van, Std Chassis;
4 x Plasticore Tires;
3 space Universal turret with 3 x WGM; Link (3 WGM)
3 x 3 spc Rocket Mag (To Turret) each with 3 x WGM
190 Armour (F 36, R 36, L 36, B 36, T 36, U 10)
Cargo 45 lb, 17 Spc
Cost $40,250 Weight 7,200 lb (incl. Cargo)

Vanbuscade: Heavy Rocket Version
Car Trailer 15' Van, XHvy Chassis;
4 x Plasticore Tires;
3 space Universal turret with 3x Laser Guided HR; Tuned Targeting Laser; 4 x Link (Each HR to Laser, 3x HRs);
3 x 3 spc Rocket Mag each with 3 x Laser Guided HR;
260 Armour (F 50, R 50, L 50, B 50, T 50, U 10);
Cargo 525 lb, 17 Spc.
Cost $25,450, Weight 8,640lb (incl. Cargo)

The HR version has plenty of space to carry the empty water barrels and radio mines (or some support infantry). Alternatively you could beef up the armour and provide CA for the gunner station or if your rules allow add extra magazines for even more sustained firepower.

Upgrade the hitch on the Mule (described earlier) and you can haul an almost fully loaded Vanbuscade making a perfect low cost utility combo. You can either tow the Vanbuscade to it's set-up point, and deploy the riders around it, or at a pinch use the combo rolling (you might want to put a couple of riders in the trailer to fire from under armour).

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