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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

The primary benefit of rocket weapons in the real world is that they carry more punch vs weight than an equivalent artillery version (when the weight of the artillery piece is taken into account). Rockets are effectively recoiless and so the launcher can be made much lighter than a gun.

If you are only having a battery of 2 or three rounds, a missile/rocket is more weight efficient than a gun plus 3 rounds of equivalent ammunition. If you intend firing lots of rounds then the extra weight of say 100 rockets vs 100 rounds of ammunition outweighs the additional weight of the gun.

IRL rockets are not necessarily any less accurate than a conventional weapon. The CRV70 is about as accurate as a chain gun.

For equivalence (and extrapolating from the weapon weight rules for tripod weapons), single shot rockets on cars should have the double the weight of their LAW equivalent - but LAWs are over-priced and should probably cost the same as their vehicle equivalent.
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