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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

Originally Posted by naloth View Post
I haven't used the Alt Gurps 3 natural weapon rules, but from what I'm seen they would fit better than ST-Based in this case.
I just read it and I am somewhat confused. I like the rules but I am unclear if should apply by dice of damage you make with your ST (as per Power p.146) or if it is simply built as a Striker. If the latter, it would be a lot cheaper!! Also, can it then be transformed into a weapon (gadget)?

Impaling (thr) and Cutting (sw); Armor Divisor (2) +50%, Extra Damage Type +20%, Extra Reach +20%, Resilient (Unbreakable) +40%, Swing-Capable (Cutting) +20%, Gadget; Can be Stolen (Disarm) -30% [18]

Did I get that right?
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