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Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Altered Time Rate (Non-Combat Speed) is fairly expensive, but is how folks build speedsters who have a set speed during combat (say, only four AOA(Double)s per turn) and can still do hours of construction in seconds. I have to check Powers to see what Non-Combat Speed's percentage is. It's also useful for Flash vs Superman "who is faster?" races.
Sure, with ATR you can use the -60% for out of combat or the +20% for SuperEffort to multiply the effort, depending on which works out more cost effectively.

I was suggesting move over long distance that happens behind the scenes might work better with Warp, though. The IQ roll to move the distances (with penalties for the difficulty of finding it or bonuses for familiarity) would represent navigation. The faster you try to move the distance, the harder it would be to get to your destination (wrong turns, delays, bad choices, etc) but otherwise it would let you cross immense distances rather quickly.

It's reasonable if it's just for a PC to get from one scene to another quickly, especially where they wouldn't be able to carry encumbrance. Enhanced Move usually has various other built in functionality (encumbrance slows you down a bit, but you can carry stuff normally, you can use it with slams) that many Supers don't need when they are just moving from one location to another off camera.
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