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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

TWEAK: per
  • let the same HT roll mitigate both shock and AP loss. In both cases, shock should be capped at the same -4 to DX and IQ."
    I’d probably combine the roll that allows you to mitigate action point loss in The Last Gasp with this same roll.
we'll do that from now on, doesn't affect me since I failed the HT check. Applying shock as HT roll penalty is similar to applying damage as HT roll penalty.

but actually, since my Retreat+Evade happened after your first damage to me, but before I actually did my failed Breakfall against the fall resulting from my failed RWB, I believe we should actually resolve who wins this Quick Contest before actually applying this damage... and I might try to RWB a 2nd time to mitigate that.

So we'll get back to this chest fall in a 2nd, before I land it would be good to know which hex I end up landing in.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Frankly, I'd be happiest with saying that all low blows are rerolled on the random hit table, or that leg/foot hits are converted to arm/hand. I feel strongly that rolling on the random hit table should not change your posture. Also, "crouching" is not a posture (at least not in basic). Its either standing or Kneeling, and I think Kneeling is overkill.
I agree, and based on the hit location notes in MA, it seems like "slightly crouching" (which still creates the -2) is considered to simply be a combat option available while Standing, so Standing is still the absolute posture.

I believe crouching would be adequate to punch someone in the foot because the AOA (Long) option allows you to remain standing (avoid dropping to a kneel) if you make a balance roll, so long as you place your hand on the ground for balance, so if you can place your hand on the ground you can punch a foot, but it's so awkward that you'd be at -2 unless you exited the crouch as a free action.

Given that moving into and out of crouch is a free action, the only limitation it seems to provide is how often you can do it, and at what times that can occur during your own turn. Ending your turn in a crouch is beneficial in being a smaller target against ranged attacks, but the downside is the -2 to skill, I'm not sure if that would result in a -1 to parry or if it would only be a problem if you got to make free attacks on successful defenses, like if you parried an unarmed attack with a sword.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Its your foot, so it doesn't matter. I'm game with us both being right handers.
It matters indirectly due to the option I'm going to be taking :)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
that actually gives green the bigger advantage, because he's got much better HT. Lets use the mitigating HT roll.
Good! I think I'm going to need it!

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I'm used to using only one step per round, including the retreat. Not sure if that's a house rule or not.
Last Gasp gives you 1 free step per turn, extra steps cost AP, so if you made your step, a retreat costs AP, but if you didn't use your free step, the retreat doesn't cost AP.

Apparently the 2nd step option from Committed Attack costs AP too, which I don't like, since you already pay a heft 2 AP for CA and already sacrifice a -2 to skill to get it!

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Yes, You cannot move behind me! and its a DX contest where I have a bonus, you have a shock penalty, and I'm standing for -5 to your roll. I think that's a base difference of 11!
Shock's reduced DX 12 to DX 9 using my house rule, the -5 for you standing means I roll vs a target number of 4. I'm not sure what bonus you're referring to, far as I know you would roll vs unmodified DX of 14, so the difference in our skill would be 10.

Or... hm I guess "One Foe" should give you +1 in the contest (is that what you meant?) forgot about that, so yeah you should roll v 15 to determine your margins.

Given that evading people should take more effort than moving unopposed, I'm going to apply a base 1 AP cost to this technique. To balance it out though, since obstructing takes some effort, I'm going to apply a base 1 AP cost to you as well.

rolling v target number 4 for my half of the QC...

for some reason I wrote 0 instead of 4... the 3d6 was 10, MoF 6 so I lose 1.6 AP reducing me from 3.5/12 AP to 1.9/12 AP.

Actually... I forgot to apply posture penalties. I will not be applying whatever Shock from crushing damage to chest from hitting ground yet, but since my chest is in the process of flying toward the ground as I am trying to evade, I am clearly rotating toward a prone/lying posture.

To stop me, you need to win or tie (B368) which will happen as long as you don't have a Margin of Failure greater than 6. Since you are rolling vs 15, even if you got an 18 you would win since that's only MoF 3, but I would still like you to roll to see whether I give you an AP discount or an AP reimbursement.

You also have the option (MA106) of expending a parry (I won't charge extra AP, just the usual 1 for resisting the QC w/ DX) with a melee weapon (in this case your limbs) to substitute your combat skill (Brawling 16 for arm/punch, Brawling 15 for leg/knee, Brawling 14 for leg/kick) for DX. This would allow you to roll against a higher target in the first case (16+1=17) possibly costing you less AP.

This will allow you to roll damage (halved) as if attacked with the weapon.

Not that in the case of parrying with your legs, this would prevent you from taking a retreat if I attack you next turn. I will rule to extend that restriction to slips/sideslips but NOT to dives, because I don't see how doing a leg parry would prevent diving, and diving really needs to be incentivized as it sucks)

Do you choose to roll against your DX, or roll Obstruction via an arm or a leg? Whatever your choice, roll appropriately.
*I thought about charging an extra 1 AP for it being a parry, but throwing out an arm or a leg shouldn't be much more tiring than shifting your body to obstruct, if anything it should be MORE efficient, so forget the extra AP, only note that this counts as one of your parries...
**wait, since your parries reset at start of next turn I guess that means if you want to do it with the same arm you blocked my pelvis-punch with, you would do so at -8 to skill (the -4 for cumulative parries doubled)... so since so far I assume we have been doing that with our "on" right hands, you would be better off using your "off" left, which would only be a -4 to skill). No penalty for using a leg (aside from basic -2 for kicks) since there is no "off" leg (should we do that?) and you haven't used them yet this turn. Actually since I'm in close rang, you can roll at -1 for a knee if you like, save the -2 for kicks if someone is trying to run past adjacent hexes.

You don't need to crouch to do this YET, but I think perhaps if someone was in a lying position and trying to slither past you that it would make sense to require crouching and -2 if you were using a Punch as the damaging Obstruction instead of standard DX-based obstruct or using legs (which should have the -2 from kicking). I'm not sure about Crawling posture, perhaps a -1 for semi-crouching if trying to use arms to block.

B368 say you can crouch for free at the start of your turn, and that it is a free action to rise from a crouch at any time, so you can do that to avoid the -2 penalty if you want to use a Punch-Obstruct Agressive Parry per MA106. My centre of mass is still equivalent to standing as of my failed Slip/Evasion attempt since its effects follow the active defense and damage, and the fall happens after the DX check remain standing following resolution of knockback.

If you do exit crouch for free you cannot enter it again until the start of your next turn though, so keep that in mind if someone starts coming in with ranged weapons or if a 2nd lying-down party tries to slither past.

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