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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
2:1 ratio for AP:FP cost is fine, so in that case instead of being at 9/12 AP and 11/12 FP, I would be at 7/12 AP and 12/12 FP. I was also thinking that using "Second Wind" to burn 1 FP to regain 50AP should perhaps cost a Ready maneuver in its basic form, but if you make a will roll then you can do it as a free action, sort of like a Quick-Draw?

Since you lose AP equal to shock, I would allow reducing people involuntarily below 0 AP, but in that case they would uncontrollably spend the FP, which would force them to take a Ready unless they made their will check (which would also be subject to the shock penalty, since IQ based)

Naw, spending extra energy shouldn't take more time, you just spend the energy. You don't need to free it, you just suddenly do it. Auto-spending FP to bring your AP from involuntary loss up to 0 sounds fine. As a note, you get 50 percent of AP from an FP, not 50 AP.

I guess I should have made a deceptive attack! I was hoping your parry would fail...

It is almost always worth it to deceptive attack until you're down in the 12 or 13 range. This works because 50% of the 3d6 probability is between 8 and 12. If their defense is above 8 and you have a 14 or higher for your attack, go deceptive.

I think in cases of weird stuff like you punching me in the shin or the foot, you've opted to crouch? If you absolutely don't want to crouch, I think I'd be okay with substituting a "Do Nothing" (without the +4 bonus on HT roll to recover AP, of course) if a must-crouch thing came up on the table...

We probably should take the -2 to skill for crouching into account in the future if you remain crouched or if either of us must enter a crouch to attack a low target. The -2 to use arms to parry lower body in MA actually makes this a pretty decent deal (leg parries might be preferable!)

This thread is relevant. Basically, I rolled on the table for hit location, and so I don't get penalties. That said, on page 99 of martial arts it details additional penalties to locations in postures. punching a foot isn't mentioned, but it talks about punching a prone foe requiring "the attacker to stoop into a near-crouch", and inflicting a -2 penalty.

I don't think shins have DR by default (1 DR as a house rule probably wouldn't hurt, considering the skull has 2, but I leave it up to you, since this would benefit Arthur), but perhaps it should be easier to Hurt Yourself when hitting shins with body parts in general? It certainly is when shins knock shins so I don't see why it wouldn't be when knuckles knock shins...
Martial page 124 has an option for this... but it looks like it only applies to shins vs. shins or attacks vs. skulls. Its also quite optional.

6 - 2 = 4 damage! max hit! (but not a major nor crippling wound, sadly).

Where are the rules for slipping?
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