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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Wow, we're playing full Douglas Cole then? All right. I'm fine with extra effort costing AP instead of FP, though a 2:1 ratio may be appropriate.

Red deflects what he can only call a blow below the belt:

parry: base 11 +1 (one foe) =12 vs 9 ... Success!

Before his foe can withdraw his arm from such an extended attack, Red quickly throws a punch at a random location!

Attack (punch) at random location : skill 16 - 4(deceptive) = 12 vs 8 ... success!

and the hit location is... the shins. This makes no sense. I'm not sure if the shins have DR in this setup either.

7/10 AP.

NOTE: I made a couple of "Rolls" without dice in there.
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