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Default Re: Mass Combat -- TL8 Unit Examples?

Originally Posted by safisher View Post
Use C3I, as it deals with units which "enhances the commander’s situational
awareness through specialized intelligence-gathering, information warfare, and/or long-range surveillance capabilities of a higher order than those of Recon elements."
Good call. Maybe just use the AEW element, even...a spy plane is a pretty different thing, but from the perspective of the Mass Combat system they're both planes that give C3I.
Originally Posted by safisher View Post
If the unit was a speeder bike or grav jeep, that's Recon -- see the skytroopers unit in Mass Combat.
Yeah, you're right. If an air vehicle can have Fire, Cavalry, and Armor types, Recon ought to be possible.

No existing element fits it though. A flying light tank might be:
Light Flying Tank    320    Air, Arm, Cv, F, Rec    4    SA   560K   28K   10^
And an air jeep might be:
Air Recon    80    Air, Cv, F, Rec    2*   SA     100K    10K   10^
*Motor recon, and thus the flying version, should be WT 2 not WT 1
Based on putting TL7 Light Tank and Motor Recon elements through a conversion analogous to the one from MBT to Flying Tank. Use at own risk.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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