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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

PC 1 is a superhero whos powers are intermittent and unstable bouts of Dare Devil-like supervision, who's blind...and a letch.
PC 2 is our hot blooded, pain immune, action girl who takes no prisioners, has sexist behavior as a hair trigger and has a code of honour.

PC 1: *After a fight has just finshed, collapses into a heap having taken a beating.* "*Phew*...Guys; a little help here..."
PC 2: Hm, useless, as usual...
PC 1: Are you going to stand there and taunt me with Misandry, or come and help me up?
PC 2: Stand here and taunt.
PC 1: Fine, *Muttering grumpily drags himself over to her, she offers him a hand* Thanks, finally.
*Bit of dialouge later, him still leaning on her, using his hands to gesture. Half way through an line*
PC 1: And another th-*Waves his hand a bit, it catches on something*......Huh...soft
PC 2: Thats my breast you have your hand on.
PC 1: Score!...I mean Really? interesting.
PC 2: *Having recently had a big lecture about Team work and not hitting team members from our leader*...are you going to move it?
PC 1: ...maybe...
PC 2: Why yo-
PC 1: You wouldn't hit a blind man would you?!
PC 2: ...*GRrrgh!*
PC 1: ...Safe!

Later on, after another incident and another attempt to use that excuse, PC 2 put her own eyes out and hit him with the line "Its fine if I'm blind too!"
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