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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

As the introduction to a new PC (Shapeshifter, any animal no matter how extinct or mythical) in a super hero game.

"You're all sitting around in the coffee shop, when suddenly out the window you see the strangest thing you've ever set eyes on, you see a Minotaur with a nose ring running down the high street, chasing a midget, the midget you realize's that guy you've been trying to catch for the past week, the lightning user.
The minotaur chases him a good hundred meters, then gores him, throwing him into the air, he then throws the horns and bellows to the sky as lightning strikes in the background, grabs the midget and runs off back up the street.
This all takes less than 5 seconds, what's your reaction?"

No context, no explanation, we didn't catch up with him unfortuantly, it took us 3 sessions to end up with him joining the team.
OOC he's now known as the 'Midget tossing, Rock n Roll Electro-taur', which we belive is his ultimate crime fighting form, that is only used in the direst of situations.

He later burst through the wall of a warehouse during a stand off as a moose. The GM said everyone had a 1 turn stun/no action effect due to going '...What?'

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