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Yeah, it's a totally different system. There is no adding, no check digit, just qualitative terms describing "I'm good at this thing" or "I can do this special thing." I'm probably explaining it really poorly! I've found Ghost/Echo super easy to pick up and run with for new players. Maybe it'll make more sense if I just summarize the core mechanic:

When you want to do something, you probably have 1 goal and 1 or more risks you face beyond just failing. Roll 1 die for each, then assign which die matches the goal and which die matches the risk. High is good, low is bad, middle is mixed.

Example: My goal is to destroy a demon's vessel with my fiery sword. There is a risk because the demon has a gun and wants to shoot me. I roll 2d6 and get a 1 and a 6. I have a choice now: I can fail to kill the demon, but avoid getting shot, or I can kill the demon, but get shot myself.

Does that help?
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