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Default Re: UT: Vehicles Range?

The current PDF version lacks a Range entry on the tables as well. The vehicles that lack a range in their descriptive text are the Light Battle Tank (stated to use a hybrid diesel-electric engine), the Hovertank, the Grav Tank, the Tactical Tilt-Rotor, the Tilt-Rotor Transport, and the Utility Vertol.

For the Light Battle Tank, I think hybrids tend to get up to twice the fuel economy of normal vehicles, and from High Tech a modern Main Battle Tank (The T-72A) has a Range of 310 miles, so a TL 9 Main Battle Tank with a hybrid diesel-electric system might have a Range around 600 miles. A Light Battle Tank might have more range, and of course there's a TL difference to keep in mind, so somewhere between 700 and 1000 miles may be appropriate.

The Hovertank and Grav Tank can probably be assumed to be nuclear, antimatter, or matter conversion powered, for effectively infinite range (although the first two arguably call for refuels and/or refits every 5 years).

For a Tilt-Rotor Transport, it has enough limited life support to support a full load (2 crew and 28 passengers) for 2 hours, which might be an appropriate amount of time for it to last on a refuel. A Tactical Tilt-Rotor is probably comparable.

For the Utility Vertol... I've pretty much got nothing. Closest I can do, if we assume the Utility Vertol has as much mass-fraction devoted engines+fuel as the Nuclear-Powered Vertol has devoted to engines, then based on the Spaceships series the Utility Vertol would have 4 hours worth of fuel using TL8 jet engines. We'll assume TL9 can get the same efficiency out of vertol engines (not in the Spaceships series to my knowledge) as TL8 gets out of fixed jet engines, and go with that 4 hour figure.
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