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Originally Posted by Nosforontu View Post
Well since I am likely to keep getting points in play anyways I might as well spend them to represent "truly mastering a specific ritual till it is innate". Essentially while I can always lob a fireball charm it is nice sometimes to simply also take a few d6 of innate burning attack with a small AOE to always have access to it. Because ultimately I am always going to be getting new character points each week and bumping the 9 RPM skills, purchasing Perks, new levels of Magery and IQ will only hold my interest so long before I want to spend them on "other magical powers" for a character.
Originally Posted by Nosforontu View Post
Its more along the lines of a weapon master purchasing Extra Attack when he could just spend those points on boosting his primary combat skill and take rapid attacks instead, and purchasing Enhanced Parry instead of dumping those points in Broadsword instead.

Their is nothing that Extra Attack and Enhanced Parry can't really do (except be applied to all combat skills), that someone with Weapon master and high skill levels can't do, but that does not mean that a well rounded weapon master looking into purchasing a few other advantages to go along with his schtict isn't going to look into advantages like that anyways.
Just so. I happen to see a Necromancer having this as part of his core ability - maybe it's the influence of Diablo II on my brain.
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