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Ah, yes, if you want 'I summon my trusty and beloved steed Bob' as opposed to 'I cast Create Mount', then Allies make sense

My character who uses the Pegasus Stampede spell (a Unicorn Knight of the Enchanted Forest) has purchased as an Ally a Winged Unicorn named Snowball, and also at times uses Create Critter type spells and Pegasus Stampede

You can guess which critters get sent to draw fire from enemy AA and which dont

However, I dont really view 'I throw summoned goons at the enemies' as very different from 'I throw fireballs at the enemies', so I wouldn't charge a necromancer or such who wanted to throw gobs of skeletons at the enemies for the skeletons as allies, even if it was his go to every session baseline problem solving technique. Having him buy the skeletons as allies when he has already bought RPM stuff seems akin to having a fighter buy an Innate Attack when hes already bought Weapon Master and ST
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