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Default Re: Do Skeletons decay?

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
I like the idea (or maybe just my memory of the idea) of the Cauldron Born from The Chronicles of Prydain, which lost strength when straying too far from where they were "born." This way you can have zombies guarding tombs for centuries or a whole division of them protecting a necromancer's stronghold without need for maintaining them with rings. I also like the fact that they were by no means "lesser" undead; to stop them.
That's an interesting approach. Puts them somewhere between a Zombie and a Wight, which is what the Cauldron Born seemed like to me.

In my Unlife book I'm proposing a second kind of zombie, the Feral Zombie. These are masterless zombies with the following extra abilities:
  • They have Zombie Contagion, which has the potential to resurrect those they infect as new Feral Zombies after death.
  • They can offset the daily ST loss by feeding on the flesh of the living. Each day they feed they don't lose ST.

This essentially allows Romero-type zombies into the game space. Naturally the GM can use or ignore as desired. Or alternately can extend the feeding rule to regular zombies, which means the necromancer lord with a zombie army only has to worry about keeping them fed on hapless locals. ^_^
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