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Default Re: Do Skeletons decay?

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
Honestly, that all sounds kind of fun to me. A zombie with ST 50 or 100 might not seem 'fair' but its an interesting monster you have to deal with some way other than just chopping up with your sword. It's basically a powerful flesh golem that could represent a key monster/NPC in a campaign.
It can be kind of fun. In our original TFT campaigns, we had many zombies and skeletons, many of them one-handing battleaxes and greatswords.

Zombie rings tend to be more effort than they are worth except for a few powerful ones.

The problem is only partly the "fair"-ness. The main problem we had with them was our desire for things to make plausible since so we could believe in our campaign world situations and not think they seemed wrong, and our sensitivity to those issues evolved the more we played with them, starting from "hey, there are zombies and skeletons - let's have some of those!" to "wait, there's no limit on the ST you can give them?" to "well, this is kinda dumb - why and how does this work or even mean, exactly, that there is a zombie with ST 100?"

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