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Default Re: Pentagram strength?

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
That would only help if there were a contest involved, but there isn't. Perhaps somehow if a Contest could be worked into the Pentagram rules, that would help.
When casting Permanent Pentagram, the wizard rolls their IQ and notes how much they made it by (new ITL pp. 158-159), and all subsequent safety checks are made against that value. No contest required. The Lesser Wish can be used before a die roll is made, in order to set the roll at the desired result. 3 shall be the number of the desired result, and the number of the desired result shall be 3. 5 is right out...

So, if the wizard's IQ is Aided to, say, 40 when the Permanent Pentagram IQ roll is made, and they use Lesser Wish to set that roll to 3, they've got a permanent 37 points of margin.

Edit: Never mind, I misread that. Still, that's how I'd do it. Anyway, you record the wizard's IQ at the time the Permanent Pentagram is enchanted (in this example, 40). You're right in that 16+ auto-fails and 18 crit-fails are still possible.

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