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Default Re: How do you all handle mounted combat?

Originally Posted by Jim Kane View Post
Sadly Guy, yes, I have always been *extremely guilty* of reducing horses to little more than a medieval version of an Uber for the PCs to get to the target Labyrinth... AND when I consider what other authors have done with horses, and the role iconic horses have played in the great adventures of The Lone Ranger (Silver), or Zorro (Tornado), and how those authors worked those beasts up to important *and functional* NPC status in adding color an excitement to an adventure story... I get embarrassed by my (mis)handling of the same potential available to me and my group.

That's very common in my experience, and I'm just as guilty of it as you are. That's why I am so happy that Steve did NOT do this, and that it is available in the structure of the game -- consistent with the other rules -- for those who want to use it.

There are times when the horse really doesn't matter. But there are times when the roleplaying is lacking because you don't have that capability. The fact that the rules are there broadens what I might want to do with the roleplaying aspect of the game -- have a chase on horseback, face a mounted knight or armored cavalryman on the road, perform a rescue and escape on a swift steed. I wouldn't want to miss those moments, and they are worth the time to look over those rules and see how they fit the action.
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