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Okay, I'm VERY late to this party apparently, but here's my thoughts on the whole thing:

Healing Spell? Heck yeah!

Steve hits it pretty close right off the bat at IQ 14 and a 3:1 ratio for ST expended to HITS healed.

After reading through all of this, I want to say that:

1) I'm being persuaded that 4:1 ratio might be better for ST expended to HITS healed;

2) I REALLY like Brother Bill's suggestion of it converting an actual HIT to a point of exhaustion instead -- that seems highly appropriate, and still requires the healed person to spend some time getting over the ... for lack of a better word ... "shock" of taking a HIT and then having it healed.

3) I don't remember who mentioned it first (Kirk or Skarg, probably) but applying the "Rule of Five" (in that a single Wizard can't HEAL more than five HITS per day, and a single figure can't HAVE more than five HITS healed in a single day) would seem an entirely logical way of further limiting this so that you don't turn a Wizard into a walking hospital for the unwary...

Ideally, I want a healing spell to prevent someone from dying right there on the spot -- not so that the party can become an unrelenting threshing machine of incalculable power.
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